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The Witness - Official Trailer

2,691 Views | 2:03 | Uploaded on May 31, 2016

The official trailer for the documentary The Witness starts off with archival footage of a witness saying she heard someone scream "Save me! Save me!" When asked if that frightened or shocked her, she replies no.

We then meet Bill Genovese, who was 16 when his older sister Kitty was murdered in 1964 in Queens, New York. He says for years he avoided learning the facts of the case, but finally decided it was worse not knowing the truth. We find out that the New York Times reported there were 38 witnesses to Kitty's murder, who did nothing to help her.

In his quest for the truth, Bill meets with a witness who said she heard Kitty cry, "Help! Help!" and she swears she called the police. Others also claim it wasn't true that 38 people stood by and did nothing. Bill, who believed for years that his sister was murdered while her neighbors did nothing to help her, made life decisions based on that, but he now discovers the true story is very different than what was reported in the paper.

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