The Wild Man of the Navidad

The Wild Man of the Navidad Movie Poster

A creature unknown to modern man is angry and on the loose in this horror story influenced by classic low-budget thrillers of the Seventies. Sublime, Texas is a small, decaying town along the Navidad River where opportunity is scarce and moonshine whiskey is plentiful.

Dale S. Rogers (Justin Meeks) lives in a rattletrap farmhouse with his wheelchair-bound wife Jean (Stacy Meeks) and Mario (Alex Garcia), a simpleton housekeeper who fondles Jean whenever Dale isn't looking.

Local legend has it that a half human, half beast lives in the wilds near Dale's home, and each night Dale leaves some fresh game on the front porch to keep the creature from preying on the locals; whether or not the legend is true, the offerings are always gone in the morning.

Dale has never allowed hunters on his spread, but when he loses his job and is desperate for money, he allows folks to hunt on his property for a price, despite his better judgment.

One day, one of the hunters shoots at a shadowy object in the distance; as it happens, they wounded the legendary Wild Man, and after years in the shadows the monster comes forward to seek revenge.

Purportedly based on a true story, The Wild Man of the Navidad was co-produced by Kim Henkel, who was screenwriter and associate producer on an earlier independent horror film from the Lone Star State, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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