The Wedding Song

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1h 40m | Drama, War

Tunis, 1942. Nour and Myriam, both 16, have been friends since childhood. They live in a modest neighborhood where Jews and Muslims live in harmony. Each one secretly wishes she could live the life of the other; while Nour regrets not having been able to go to school like her friend, Myriam envies Nour, who's engaged to her cousin Khaled.

In November 1942, the Germany Army enters Tunis and the German occupation brings many changes, especially to the Jews. In particular, Myriam's mother, Tita, is no longer allowed to work. Cripped by debt, she decides to marry the son of a rich doctor. As Myriam fears her dreams of finding true love are gone, with the passing days, the friendship the two girls grows distant, caused by by the Nazi propaganda.

Director: Karin Albou
Studio: Strand Releasing
Producer(s): Isabelle Pragier, Laurent Lavolé
Cast: Lizzie Brocheré, Olympe Borval, Najib Oudghiri, Simon Abkarian, Karin Albou
Writer(s): Karin Albou

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