The Wedding

The Wedding Movie Poster

A beautiful young woman, Tania (Mironova), returns to her small town after living the posh life of a "model" in Moscow, and proposes to her childhood sweetheart, Mishka (Basharov), who works in the local mines.

A missing wedding gift causes complications which is aggravated further by the jealous interference of Tania's ex-boyfriend, who happens to be a sadistic Mafia boss. To further complicate matters, Mishka's family distrusts Tania, whom they suspect did more than simply model in the big city to earn her money.

Director: Pavel Lounguine
Studio: Pyramide S.A.
Producer(s): Catherine Dussart
Cast: Marat Basharov, Maria Mironova
Writer(s): Paul Lounguine, Alexandre Galine

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