The Valley Below

The Valley Below Movie Poster

This drama about life in the badlands of Alberta tracks the intersecting lives of four strangers – Kate (Mikaela Cochrane), a 19-year-old who's about ready to leave for college and is about to break up with her boyfriend, Henry (Joe Perry) when she finds out she’s pregnant; Warren (Kris Demeanor), a Zamboni driver whose alcohol addiction gets in the way of his music dreams; Gordon (Stephen Bogaert), a taxidermist trying to rebuild a failed marriage and Barry (Alejandro Rae), the town constable who tries to help the towns residents through each crisis.

Though their stories start out separately, they slowly intertwine and affect each other in ways they would never expect.

Director: Kyle Thomas
Producer(s): Alexander Carson, Cameron Macgowan, Kyle Thomas
Cast: Stephen Bogaert, Kris Demeanor, Mikaela Cochrane, Alejandro Rae, Joe Perry
Writer(s): Kyle Thomas

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