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3.18 / 5

User rating: 3.18

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  • User rating: 3.18 41.18%
  • User rating: 3.18 11.76%
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  • User rating: 3.18 5.88%
  • User rating: 3.18 35.29%

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User review rating: 0 September 16, 2017

Amazing. I laughed nearly every scene.

User review rating: 1 February 24, 2015

The only good thing about this movie is the brief scenes of Italy and the restaurant kitchens. The rest of the movie is just 2 guys having a ridiculously BORING conversation that holds no interest to anyone. Please don't waste your money on this flop. The producers should be ashamed and take it off the shelf everywhere. I'm embarassed for them.

User review rating: 0 February 10, 2015

I laughed at almost every scene, these guys are witty, profound and unpredictable. The views of the italian coast are breathtaking and the repartee hilarious.

User review rating: 5 October 21, 2014

It was delightful experience, happy, funny, wonderful movie.

User review rating: 5 September 14, 2014

Unless you're a fan of British Romantic poetry, and of British humour, this may not be the film for you. Otherwise, a hilarious performance between Coogan and Brydon, beautifully filmed from the Piedmont to the Amalfi Coast. Underlying the comedy is a sobering depiction of the consequences that often develop in the lives of people blessed with brilliant careers. Loved it.

User review rating: 1 September 13, 2014

This movie is an appalling waste of time. The gibberish that passes for script is really sad. The brief scenes with the restaurant chefs were far more entertaining. I hope they are not sadden after they see this flick.

User review rating: 5 September 09, 2014

What, I loved so much about this film was the humour and the chemistry between Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, whether they were getting along, or perhaps not and I also found some of the jokes the actors aimed at themselves mocking their own lifestyles and using some self-deprecating humour was very well done and I also loved how the film dealt with middle age, getting older and one's choices facing the future of your family, career and life in general. The film focuses very heavily on the two actors doing their impersonations and impressions of famous actors—I had a blast looking at them and listening…. I smiled all the time…Loved the scenery, the real sense of Italy, the fabulous foods and a

User review rating: 4 September 09, 2014

I was in Italy last year and this movie brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Loved the food, the dialogue and the scenery. One of the summer's best.

User review rating: 1 September 08, 2014

I never review films but please do not waste any of your money on this movie, it is insulting, a couple of actors goofing around and calling it a film, harps back on the Canonball films, the check is on you!

User review rating: 1 August 30, 2014

The worst movie that I have aver watched If it was not for the view of Italy I would fall sleep

User review rating: 1 August 30, 2014

The worst movie that I have aver watched If it was not for the view of Italy I would fall sleep

User review rating: 5 August 30, 2014

If you liked the original TV series, you'll like this. Two successful comedians (and long-time friends) on another well-scripted 'trip'. If you didn't see the original show, a lot of the banter may go over your head a bit, so I'd recommend watching that first.

User review rating: 1 August 27, 2014

the worst movie ever! oh my gosh. I left after the first 30 minutes.

User review rating: 1 August 23, 2014

The most unbearable tedium of unintelligible mumble jumble by wannabe comedians.

User review rating: 2 August 21, 2014

Best things were the scenery and appeal of the food. OK if you like stand-up, which several observers did within 15 minutes of the start of movie when they left.

User review rating: 5 August 17, 2014

a very funny movie with british humour at its best, enjoyable

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