The Shutka Book of Records

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1h 18m | Documentary

Directed by Aleksandar Manic, this "pixilated and Marvel-filled work" (Chicago Tribune) places audiences in the realm of the superstitious Romani culture, where passions and love of competition, music, and laughter are beautifully captured and juxtaposed against a backdrop of struggle and hardships.

The film’s outrageous tone, unforgettable characters, and enthralling scenes from everyday life set this documentary apart from any other of its kind. After premiering in its home country, THE SHUTKA BOOK OF RECORDS has been hailed as one of the best films ever made about the Roma, attracting a strong cult following Internationally.

Nicknamed ‘Happy Valley’ and located in Macedonia, Shutka is home to the largest Roma (Gypsy) community in the world; It is also a self-assured, self-ruling, and extraordinarily vivacious town of people who crave to excel at (or rather be the champion of) whatever they do: exterminating evil Genies, hunting down vampires, training geese to fight, collecting obscure Turkish music on audio tape, among others.

Over the past 20 years, the migration of the Roma from Eastern Europe into the wealthier Western states has been perceived as a troublesome social phenomenon.

Though located in one of the poorest regions of Europe, Shutka is a place that nobody seems to want to leave; residents may be poor, but they are happy, and Manic’s film offers audiences a chance to take a look at their closed world, while also fostering a lesson in making the most of what one has.

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