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User review rating: 4 December 21, 2020

I liked this, despite the many plotholes. For one thing, Bray asks the kid for tools to fix the bumper, but the second time he comes, he says he has all the tools he needs to fix the roof in his truck. For another thing, Bray doesn't give her the letter. Why? I thought it was because it was bad news. So he sticks it in the mailbox even though there's a terrible storm, there's more mail in the box (he could have just delivered all of that to her since he was out there anyway) and initially, he wanted to give it directly to her (couldn't leave it with her son). Turns out, the news was something she should have had right away, it would have been very beneficial for her. But instead, he doesn't tell her about it at all. Then he fixes her roof, but not only does he fix the roof, he does everything. Things the kids should have done, like help mop up the floor, get the branches out of the house, etc. while he did the roof. Instead, they left him there like a servant and went off to somewhere nice and dry. So if you can suspend your disbelief, it's basically a warm story, great message, but really, doesn't make sense in the end.

User review rating: 5 November 20, 2020

I loved this movie. Every minute of it.

User review rating: 5 September 23, 2020

This is a very good movie

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