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User review rating: 5 June 18, 2024

There are plenty of high rated reviews on Rotten tomatoes, but in case you miss them, the consensus was just like mine….. movie lifted them, gave them hope. Really touched them. I was amazed at the power that this artist had in spite of being shunned by the liberal art world. If not offended by his cuss words — I liked that the movie seemed to portray him just as he is— I would recommend this for young and idealistic people that love their country. It will inspire them to be bold and make a difference in their world—- using whatever gifts or passion that they have. Just one example —-Movie showed the courage of Scott Lo Biado to go up against his mayor when he tried to take away their first amendment right of free speech….. he is clever and knew the constitution was in his side. Whenever he was arrested, it showed that politicians were the real law breakers. THEY had to back down. His street art and speech fell under “free speech.” And he knew that this meant all Americans, not just the mayor who had many people painting streets with his message. With no permit- which he had to admit. We live FAR below our rights. Politicians live far above theirs. Remember - THEY work for us!

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