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The Red Turtle - Official Trailer

3,121 Views | 1:52 | Uploaded on Jan 18, 2017

In the premiere trailer for the animated drama The Red Turtle, a man is lost at sea and struggling to stay afloat during a terrible storm. Tossing and turning amidst immense waves, the man is violently thrown under water as his boat washes farther and farther away. His death seems assured, until he somehow wakes up on an unknown shoreline. Confused, he searches the vast island to discover it is deserted. After desperately yelling for help high atop a mountain, the man goes about finding food and shelter. Time passes, and while he hasn’t yet been rescued, he has managed to construct a raft. As he finally sets sail towards civilization, a giant red turtle suddenly knocks into his raft, destroying months of work. Devastated, he returns to the island and resigns himself to his fate. Lying in the middle of the sand in the humid sun, he spots a red-headed woman emerging from the water. Not alone at last, the man finds himself falling for her. And little does he know that this beautiful stranger will not only be his savior, but she will also change his life forever.

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