The Queen of Spades

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2h 52m | Action/Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Gherman, a soldier, falls in love with the wealthy Lisa, who is already engaged to Prince Yeletsky. Lisa confesses to Gherman that she is actually in love with him and not her betrothed. Gherman's friends tell him that Lisa's grandmother knows a card trick that makes her win every time, thus her nickname, "The Queen of Spades." Gherman becomes obsessed with learning the secret, convinced that once he discovered it, it would solve all his problems. When Gherman tries to intimidate the old woman into revealing her secret, she dies of fright. Lisa sends Gherman away, distraught.

Alone in a wintery cabin, the ghost of Lisa's grandmother appears to Gherman and reveals the card trick. Gherman rushes to meet Lisa by the banks of a frozen river, but it soon becomes apparent that he has gone mad. After he abandons her, Lisa realizes that all hope is lost, and throws herself into the icy river. Gherman goes to the army barracks and joins a game of cards, using the secret that the apparition of the Queen of Spades taught him. It was a trick, however, and Gherman ends up losing everything—all his money, and the love of his life. He kills himself, asking for forgiveness.

Director: Michael Boder
Studio: Emerging Pictures
Cast: Emily Magee, Misha Didyk, Ludovic Tézier, Ewa Podlés, Elena Zaremba, Francisco Vas, Alberto Feria, Mihail Vekua, Kurt Gysen, Stefania Tocyska, Claudia Schneider, Jon Plazaola, Michelle Marie Cook
Writer(s): Pyotr Tchaikovsky

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