The People vs. Fritz Bauer

In the late 1950s, German district attorney Fritz Bauer (Burghart Klaussner) devotes his energies to bringing the Third Reich to justice, despite the apathy that surrounds him in regards to the horrors of the country's recent past.

When Bauer receives a letter from Argentina, written by a man who is positive his daughter is dating the son of Adolph Eichmann, he's excited by this promising lead. Knowing that Nazis still lurk within Germany's corrupt judiciary system, Bauer travels to Jerusalem to seek alliance with Mossad, the Israeli secret service, even though he knows it's considered treason — but it's the only way Bauer can move forward and bring Adolph Eichmann to justice.

Director: Lars Kraume
Studio: Cohen Media Group
Producer(s): Thomas Kufus
Cast: Burghart Klaußner, Ronald Zehrfeld, Lilith Stangenberg, Jörg Schüttauf, Sebastian Blomberg, Michael Schenk, Laura Tonke, Götz Schubert, Paulus Manker, Dani Levy, Robert Atzorn
Writer(s): Lars Kraume, Olivier Guez

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