The Orphan Muses

The Orphan Muses Movie Poster

The Tanguay children are strange orphans. Twenty years ago, a few weeks after the death of their father, they were given up by their mother who fled to Spain, never to return.

To save their small sister Isabelle from this grief, they simply tell her that their mother died. Twenty years later, it appears that their lie didn't help to make Isabelle the most balanced member of the family. Immature and confused, the twenty-five year old seems obsessed by delirious ideas of revenge and murder. One day she telephones her brother, Luc, to inform him that their sister Catherine has suddenly died.

Director: Robert Favreau
Studio: Film Tonic
Producer(s): Lyse Lafontaine
Cast: Marina Orsini, Céline Bonnier, Fanny Mallette, Stéphane Demers
Writer(s): Michel-Marc Bouchard
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