The Mud Boy

The Mud Boy Movie Poster

Inspired by a series of brutal, true life murders that shocked citizens of Buenos Aires at the turn of the 20th Century, director/screenwriter Jorge Algora's horrific thriller centers on a ten year old boy suspected of being a sadistic killer. The year is 1912, and the town of Buenos Aires is being held in the icy cold grip of fear.

Ten year-old Mateo (Juan Ciancio) has been experiencing a disturbing series of extremely vivid visions that would seem to suggest that he witnessed the killings firsthand. When word gets out about Mateo's strange case of second sight, many of the locals begin to suspect that it is actually he who is committing these unspeakable acts.

Meanwhile, as the body count continues to rise, Mateo's mother Estela (Maribel VerdĂș) enlists the aid of forensics specialist Dr. Soria (Chete Lera) in finding a rational explanation for the visions and helping the skeptical Police Inspector Petrie (Daniel Freire) locate the real killer in hopes of proving her son's innocence.

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