The Mist (Netflix)

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1h 0m | Drama, Horror, Television

When a soldier (Okezie Morro) warns the police that there's something in the mist that's rolling towards a small town, he's thrown in jail. As the all-enveloping mist approaches, bodies begin piling up. The murders are at first attributed to a bear gone rogue, but the townspeople soon realize that the strange creatures appearing in the mist are much deadlier than a bear.

The townspeople stay inside and lock their doors once they realize that anyone who goes out into the mist winds up dead — everyone, that is, except for Alex Cunningham (Gus Birney).

Based on a story by Stephen King.

Director: Guy Ferland, Nick Murphy, David Boyd, T.J. Scott
Studio: Netflix
Producer(s): Guy J. Louthan, Michael Mahoney, Peter Macmanus
Cast: Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Gus Birney, Danica Curcic, Luke Cosgrove, Okezie Morro, Frances Conroy, Russell Posner, Darren Pettie, Holly Deveaux
Writer(s): Christian Torpe, Amanda Segel, Peter Biegen, Noah Griffith, Peter Macmanus, Daniel Stewart, Daniel Talbott, Andrew Wilder
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