The Miracle of Marcelino (Marcelino pan y vino) (1955)

The Miracle of Marcelino (Marcelino pan y vino) (1955) Movie Poster

The Spanish Marcelino Pan y Vino (Marcelino Bread and Wine) is a seriocomic effort about a foundling child. Left on the doorstep of a monastery, the boy is adopted by the monks and raised by them. The film then flashes forward to the kid's sixth year, by which time he has developed into a mischievous young sprout.

Yearning for friends his own age, the boy inadvertently causes all sorts of havoc when he ventures into town in search of companionship. It will take a miracle to undo the boy's damage -- and on cue, that miracle manifests itself before the wide-eyed villagers.

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