The Metropolitan Opera: Il Trovatore

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User review rating: 5 October 19, 2016

Great cast headed by today's number one Verdi soprano, Sandra Radvanovsky. It is said that Verdi required 5 of the greatest singers when he wrote Il Trovatore and this cast delivers as well as any singing today. The production is adequate considering Verdi's convoluted libretto. Radvanovsky's Leonora could be just another operatic cliche: a stand-there-and-sing portrayal. Instead, she portrays her as just a little bit "off" right from the beginning, making her role more interesting. When combined with her luscious singing there is no one else today who can surpass her. Who else today could manage Leonora's great Fourth Act aria and scena better than Sandra who gorgeously floats her high notes and sings the cadenza exactly as written? No easy feat! My only complaint is with the conducting which has no sense of the overall architecture of the score and lacks the requisite forward thrust. This conductor has proven himself better suited to verismo and traditional bel-canto where he seems to be able to keep things moving more effectively. If I could give this 4.5, it would be because of the conducting.

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