The Memsahib

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India, 1851: Strong-willed schoolteacher Grace Roberts begins married life with her husband, philanthropist King Jai Rathod. Fiercely devoted to their work and to each other, they embark on a journey to unite their people and ideals. But no amount of love can prevent culture, politics and destiny from tragically separating Grace and Jai... until Asha, a jaded divorcée, happens upon the palace in 2005. Here in its ghostly halls are the keys to the mysteries of the past and lessons for Asha about the resiliency of love, destiny and her very own future.

THE MEMSAHIB is a grand love story that explores what role destiny may have in our lives and loves.

Director: Kruti Majmudar
Studio: Red Letter Pictures
Producer(s): Dana Offenbach, Kruti Majmudar
Cast: Emily Hamilton, Parvin Dabas, Glenn Fitzgerald, Swetta Keswani
Writer(s): Kruti Majmudar
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