The Lumberfros

The Lumberfros Movie Poster

There's a new breed of lumberjacks in northern Quebec's boreal forest. These latter-day Paul Bunyans hail from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, and work alongside veteran, Quebec-born brush cutters.

The work is backbreaking, the saws heavy and noisy, the bugs plentiful, and the men are cut off from their families from the first days of spring until the creeks freeze over in late October. Scenes of roughhousing among the men at the logging camp and in the bush capture their alternating exuberance, boredom and camaraderie over an entire season.

Stéphanie Lanthier brilliantly succeeds in capturing the changing nature of Quebec society and the poetic magic of the northern forest in all its beauty and danger.

Director: Stéphanie Lanthier

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