The Law Of Enclosures

The Law Of Enclosures Movie Poster

Beatrice (Polley) is intrigued and smitten by Henry (Fletcher), who is dying of cancer. With one day left before his surgery, which will likely be a death sentence, Henry finally allows her into his heart, and his bed.

But the surgery is a success, and Henry is cured. The two marry and 40 years later, the youthful and passionate love they once had has dwindled into almost nothing. While building their dream home in the country, Beatrice (Ladd) is diagnosed with cancer, and now Henry (McCann) must care for her. The event brings back memories of their first year together.

Director: John Greyson, William Heins
Studio: Odeon Films Inc.
Producer(s): Damon D'Oliveira, John Greyson, Phyllis Laing
Cast: Sarah Polley, Diane Ladd, Brendan Fletcher, Sean McCann, Shirley Douglas, Victor Cowie
Writer(s): John Greyson
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