The Last Escape

The Last Escape Movie Poster

The Levesques meet each year at the family home for a traditional Christmas Eve. But a shadow hangs over the festivities this year. Their father (Jacques Godin), who once controlled every aspect of his family's lives with his violent and authoritarian tendencies, now suffers from Parkinson's Disease and heart disease. He is a prisoner in his own body. What to do when you're in the presence of someone to whom all pleasures are forbidden? In the months that follow, the family remains divided. But the amazing love of the mother for her husband, aided by her eldest son Andrew and his little son Sam, will bring happiness to the father he never loved.

Director: Léa Pool
Studio: Seville Pictures
Producer(s): Lyse Lafontaine, Nicolas Steil
Cast: Yves Jacques, Jacques Godin, Andrée Lachapelle, Aliocha Schneider, Nicole Max, Marie-France Lambert, Martine Francke
Writer(s): Léa Pool, Gil Courtemanche
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