The Last Days of Man on Earth

The Last Days of Man on Earth Movie Poster
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Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Jon Finch stars as Jerry Cornelius, swinging London's leading scientific genius, in this screen adaptation of the acclaimed science fiction novel by Michael Moorcock.

As the world teeters on the brink of collapse following a nuclear war, Jerry discovers that a batch of microfilm containing the final programme -- the plan for an ideal, self-replicating human being, which was designed by his father -- has fallen into the wrong hands.

With the assistance of Miss Brunner (Jenny Runacre), a voracious and bisexual computer expert, Jerry discovers the programme has been taken by his unscrupulous brother Frank (Derrick O'Connor), and Jerry and Miss Brunner must recover it and put the system to work, leading to the creation of a new messiah (which isn't quite what one would expect).

The distinguished supporting cast for this thoughtful bit of satire includes Patrick Magee, Sterling Hayden, and George Coulouris.

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