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The Journey - Trailer

1,489 Views | 2:23 | Uploaded on Jul 05, 2017

In the first trailer for the movie The Journey two men are being chauffeured by a young driver. The driver asks the men if he recognizes them from somewhere, and one replies, “This is Dr. Ian Paisley of the Democratic Union Party." The other replies, "This is Martin McGuinness of the Irish Republican Army." From there we see many clips of terror and war in the streets in Northern Ireland. We then find out the two men, who are sworn enemies, are meeting to make peace between the Unionist and Republican forces. We hear one man say, “I know it will take a miracle for these two to work things out.” From there, we watch as the two engage in a heated debate during the long car ride, and eventually come to an understanding that together, “We are Ireland."

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