The Horse Whisperer

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This is a story about healing the soul as well as the body, using medicine that is anything but traditional. After a young girl is thrown from her horse, she looses a leg as well as her will to live while the horse becomes dangerous and uncontrollable. Against the better judgment of her husband and co-workers, the girl's mother takes daughter and horse west to Montana, to the location of a "horse whisperer," someone who communicates on a deep level with animals.

Robert Redford plays Tom Booker, the horse whisperer with the power to bring horses and humans out of their deep wells of pain and back to a life of love and meaning. Kristin Scott Thomas co-stars as the injured girl's mother, a self-possessed magazine editor from New York who doesn't suspect she needs any attention herself.

The Horse Whisperer is based upon the runaway best-seller by first-time novelist Nicholas Evans, the proverbial starving artist who had creditors banging on the door as he was finishing the book. When the money started pouring in, Evans was as surprised as the bankers. His own story is as compelling as his romantic and moving novel.
Director: Robert Redford
Studio: Buena Vista Pictures
Producer(s): Robert Redford, Patrick Markey, Rachel Pfeffer
Cast: Robert Redford, Kristin Scott Thomas, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Neill, Dianne Wiest, Chris Cooper, Kate Bosworth, Cherry Jones, Ty Hillman, Catherine Bosworth, Austin Schwarz, Dustin Schwarz, Jeanette Nolan, Steve Frye, Don Edwards
Writer(s): Richard LaGravenese
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