The Hamster Cage

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1h 32m | Comedy

In a cluttered den, graying, full-bearded and rather portly Phil is working out equations on a blackboard when he is startled by a noise behind him. He turns to discover a young girl with a drink in her hand. She blushes and he looks down at his naked body. “I do my best thinking in the nude,” he offers.

Phil has just been awarded the Nobel prize for Physics and his family has come to celebrate. The young girl, Candy, is the bride-to-be of Phil’s brother, Stanley. She is working on her MFA in Creative Writing and as such is constantly scribbling in her notebook. Scraping inspiration from real life.

Stanley has brought presents for each member of the family, which he believes will force them to both confront and overcome the demons they’ve buried in their past—and provide his darling fiancé with grist for the mill.

Director: Larry Kent
Studio: Capri Films
Producer(s): Dani , Larry Kent, Steph Song
Cast: Patricia Dahlquist, Jillan Fargey, Scott Hylands, Carly Pope
Writer(s): Larry Kent, Daniel Williams
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