The Hair of the Beast (Le poil de la bête)

The Hair of the Beast (Le poil de la bête) Movie Poster
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On DVD/VOD: January 25, 2011

1h 40m | Action/Adventure, Drama

New France, 1665. Just before his execution, Joseph Côté escapes from a prison and flees into the forest. There he discovers the body of a Jesuit. The fugitive decides to take on the dead priest's identity. In the nearby hamlet of Beaufort, he meets peasants who give him shelter and sustenance, believing him to be the dead priest, who was a famous hunter of werewolves.

That evening, one of the peasants is killed by a werewolf. Joseph goes after the beast, but is wounded. Fearing that he may turn into a werewolf, his companions lock him up. Joseph escapes and runs into Mary Labott, who is searching for her missing sister. He finds himself falling for her, but must first protect both Mary and himself from the werewolf.

Director: Philippe Gagnon
Studio: Les Films Christal
Producer(s): Real Chabot
Cast: Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Viviane Audet, Antoine Bertrand, Gilles Renaud, Mirianne Brulé
Writer(s): Pierre Daudelin, Stéphane J. Bureau
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