The Guatemalan Handshake

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1h 37m | Comedy

In the confusion following a massive power outage, an awkward demolition derby driver vanishes, setting in motion a series of events affecting his pregnant girlfriend, his helplessly car-less father, a pack of wild boy scouts, a lactose intolerant roller rink employee, an elderly woman in search of her lost dog, and his best friend – a ten-year-old girl named Turkeylegs.

Pieces of the mystery begin to come together as Turkeylegs sets out to find her missing friend. Cars drive circles in the dirt, a woman attends her own funeral, the sun rises sideways and an orange vehicle trades hands again and again. Everything eventully culminates in a massive demolition derby that throws all of the characters into different directions.

Director: Todd Rohal
Studio: Benten Films
Producer(s): Jason Orfanon, Marissa Ronca
Cast: Will Oldham, Ken Byrnes, Sheila Scullin, Katy Haywood, Ivan Dimitrov, Cory McAbee
Writer(s): Todd Rohal
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