The Gold Bracelet

The Gold Bracelet Movie Poster

An immigrant family finds their belief in the American way of life shaken by prejudice and xenophobia in this independent drama. Arjun Singh (Kavi Raz) is an educated man from the Punjab region of India who left behind a career as a college professor to come to the United States with his wife, Baljit (Archana Puran Singh).

While Arjun now earns his living repairing cars, he loves his adopted home, and believes America's freedoms and opportunities will give his children a better life than he ever knew in India.

While Arjun and Baljit continue to observe the cultural traditions they learned in India, their daughter, Simrun (Mehrunnisa Hassan), and son, Ranjit (Arsh Singh), follow the way of the West, with Simrun going so far as to refuse the marriage arranged for her by her parents in favor of wedding a boy she met at college.

But just as Arjun and his family begin to feel they've finally put down roots in the United States, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, turn the world upside down, and while they are neither Muslim nor from the Middle East, the family feels the frequent sting of prejudice as many around them close ranks against foreigners -- even when they're hardworking American citizens.

The Gold Bracelet was the first directorial effort from veteran actor Kavi Raz, who also plays Arjun.

Director: Kavi Raz

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