The French Kissers

The French Kissers Movie Poster

While 14-year-old Hervé (Vincent Lacoste) and his best friend Camel (Anthony Sonigo) are forever fantasizing about their female classmates (as well as said classmates' mothers), they're rarely ever able to go as far as actually talking to a girl, except when it's to mumble a few incoherent insults. However, when Hervé finally catches the eye of the sweet but equally sex-crazed Aurore, he's pushed to choose between his first probable girlfriend and his unquenchable libido, while dealing with a nosy mother and Camel's fears that Hervé will score before he does.

Director: Riad Sattouf
Studio: Les Films des Tournelles
Producer(s): Anne-Dominique Toussaint
Cast: Vincent Lacoste, Anthony Sonigo, Alice Tremolières, Noémie Lvovsky, Simon Barbier, Robin Duverger
Writer(s): Riad Sattouf, Marc Syrigas

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