The Far Side of the Moon

The Far Side of the Moon Movie Poster

Philippe, a student of philosophy, is on the point of giving his doctorate thesis, in which he asserts that the conquest of space by the Soviets and the Americans would have been mainly motivated by the profond narcissism of human beings.

At the moment, Philippe lives a sparse life, surviving on the little he makes working in the telemarketing department of Le Soleil, a Quebec newspaper. Since the recent death of his mother, he tries to renew his relationship with his younger brother André, a homosexual who is a successful television weatherman.

However, Philippe sees his brother as superficial, materialistic and a liar.

Director: Robert Lepage
Studio: Media Principa Inc.
Producer(s): Bob Krupinski, Mario St-Laurent
Cast: Marco Poulin, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Richard Fréchette, Grégory Hlady, Céline Bonnier
Writer(s): Robert Lepage

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