The Ends of the Earth

The Ends of the Earth Movie Poster

Join staff of Katmai National Park and Preserve and Alaska Geographic for the Alaska Premiere of The Ends of the Earth, John Grabowska's new film about the Alaska Peninsula, a cloud-cloaked landscape where bears outnumber people and the sockeye salmon run is the largest in the world.

At its heart is Katmai, an exotic land of towering volcanoes and the greatest concentration of brown bears on Earth. "On a planet of seven billion people, finding oneself outnumbered by bears is a rare and powerful experience", says Grabowska. "There are thousands of bears in Katmai and on the Peninsula but they're really not that interested in people.

They're interested in being bears: catching salmon, grazing, breeding, playing, raising cubs..." The film captures the essence of Alaska - both its wildness and its historic past.

Featured is rare footage of the aftermath of the 1912 eruption of Novarupta, the largest volcanic eruption in 250 years which buried villages and altered landscapes for generations. The filmmaker and staff of Katmai National Park and Preserve will be on-hand to discuss the film after the show.

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