The Dinner (1997)

The Dinner (1997) Movie Poster
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Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Veteran actor Bernie Casey made his debut as a writer and director with this allegorical drama. Three prominent and prosperous African American men meet at an expensive restaurant for dinner, where they enjoy a meal and discuss racial issues in America.

Brother Man (Doug Johnson) is a well-known jazz musician, Young Brother (Wren T. Brown) is a well-heeled businessman, and Good Brother (Casey) is a U.S. Senator who enjoys a profitable sideline as an art dealer.

As they finish their meals, they leave one at a time; Good Brother, the last man at the table, has risen from the table and is about to exit when a shot rings out, killing him. At the funeral, it becomes obvious that one of his two dinner guests pulled the trigger and plans on killing the third member of the group next.

Jazz guitarist Kevin Eubanks, best known as the bandleader on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, composed the film's original score.

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