The Dick Knost Show

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1h 30m | Comedy, Concert

Dick Knost (Tom Scholte) is a self-absorbed sports talk show host who loves full-contact professional hockey. When he interviews a guest who questions hockey violence and discusses the consequences of serious concussions, Dick refuses to take the subject seriously.

Irreverent and sometimes not too bright, Dick is accused of tweeting offensive political statements, which almost gets him fired. He's already on thin ice, so to speak, when he suffers a concussion during a game of squash.

With Dick proving to be less than fully functional as he struggles with his head injury, his producer Kelly (Gabrielle Rose) assumes Dick has taken drugs and does whatever she can to keep him—and his entire team—from being replaced.

Director: Bruce Sweeney
Producer(s): Bruce Sweeney, Rafi Spivak, Tom Scholte
Cast: Tom Scholte, Gabrielle Rose, Paul Skrudland, Tom Butler
Writer(s): Bruce Sweeney

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