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The Devout - Official Trailer

230 Views | 1:51 | Uploaded on Apr 04, 2017

In the official trailer for The Devout an old video of a young child is shown as she talks about how she used to be a nurse in the war. Cut to a young girl, Abigail (Olivia Martin), laying in bed between her parents. Her father, Darryl (Charlie Carrick), asks Abigail to show him how to land on the moon, to which she responds, to his surprise, that she never did. We see the man looking up at the sky as old Apollo 1 footage plays. The girl’s mother, Jan (Ali Liebert), asks her husband to confirm that he believes their daughter was an Apollo 1 astronaut. He says they can take his daughter to Dr. Fisher (David Nykl) who specializes in situations like hers. The doctor and the father work together to figure out what his daughter is seeing.

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