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'The Death (and Life) of Carl Naardlinger' Trailer

384 Views | 2:15 | Uploaded on Aug 03, 2018

In the trailer for The Death (and Life) of Carl Naardlinger, a police detective goes to Carl Naardlinger's house and tells Carl and his wife that he's looking into the disappearance of Carl Naardlinger. They soon realize that the detective has been sent to the wrong address. Carl begins to wonder what happened to his namesake. He discovers that other than the police, no one is looking into where the man went. Carl puts up missing posters with his own phone number on it. He gets a call from a man who says he has the same face as the missing man. Meanwhile, Carl's wife is getting fed up with Carl's latest obsession, telling Carl that the only thing he has in common with the missing man is that they have the same name. 

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