The Crimson Rivers

The Crimson Rivers Movie Poster

When a mutilated body with severed hands is found in the town of Guernon, located in the Alps, Niémans (Reno), the inspector of Paris is brought in to investigate.

Meanwhile, 300 kilometers away, lieutenant Marx Kerkérian (V. Cassel), is looking into another mystery - the burial of a child who died in 1982.

As the two cops work on their individual cases, they soon meet, and discover the two incidences are connected by a number of terrible crimes.

Studio: Le Studio Canal
Producer(s): Catherine Morisse
Cast: Jean Reno, Vincent Cassel, Nadia Farès, Dominique Sanda, Karim Belkhadra, Jean-Pierre Cassel
Writer(s): Jean-Christophe Grangé, Mathiew Kassovitz
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