The Courier (2019)

The Courier (2019) Movie Poster
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In Theaters: November 22, 2019 (limited)

On DVD/Blu-ray: January 21, 2020

On Digital: January 21, 2020

R | 1h 40m | Action, Adventure, Thriller

A dangerous criminal named Ezekiel Mannings (Gary Oldman) is finally captured by the FBI. In order to send him to prison for a long time, they need the testimony of Nick Murch (Amit Shah), the only witness to a murder Mannings committed.

However, the team assigned to protect Nick proves to be less than capable. Luckily, a "courier" (Olga Kurylenko) has been sent to save Nick and keep him safe and they go on the run from highly trained assassins hired by Mannings.

Director: Zackary Adler
Studio: Lionsgate
Producer(s): Andrew Prendergast, David Haring, James Edward Barker, Marc Goldberg
Cast: Olga Kurylenko, Gary Oldman, Dermot Mulroney
Writer(s): Zackary Adler, James Edward Barker, Andy Conway, Nicky Tate

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