The Cotton Club

The lives of various characters intersect at Harlem's renowned Cotton Club. Handsome horn player Dix Dwyer (Richard Gere) falls for Vera Cicero (Diane Lane), the stunning girlfriend of famous gangster Dutch Schultz (James Remar).

Meanwhile Dix's brother, Vincent (Nicolas Cage), falls in with Schultz's crew, while Owney Madden (Bob Hoskins), the jazz venue's proprietor, has his own mob ties. Although Dix goes on to become a Hollywood actor, his life doesn't get any less complicated or dangerous.

Director: Francis Coppola
Producer(s): Robert Evans
Cast: Lonette McKee, James Remar, Nicolas Cage, Bob Hoskins, Allen Garfield, Gregory Hines, Richard Gere, Tom Waits, Joe Dallesandro, Diane Lane, Larry Fishburne, Woody Strode, Fred Gwynne, Gwen Verdon, Lisa Persky, Maurice Hines, Julian Beck, Novella Nelson, John Ryan, Wynonna Smith, Charles "Honi" Coles, Larry Marshall
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