The Chinese Botantist's Daughters

The Chinese Botantist's Daughters Movie Poster

In China in the 1980s, certain taboos are still in place.

Min, a young orphan, goes to study with a famous botanist. A private man and authoritative father, Mr. Chen lives on an island that he’s transformed into a luxurious garden. His daughter, An, isn’t quite as happy to live such a secluded life, so when Min arrives, she’s thrilled to have a companion. They quickly become friends and the two young girls find their relationship evolving into a sensual and forbidden attraction.

Unable to bear the thought of being separated one day, Min and An come up with a dangerous plan to continue living under the same roof….
Director: Dai Sijie
Studio: Christal Films
Producer(s): Lise Fayolle
Cast: Mylène Jampanoi, Li Xiaoran, Dongfu Lin, Wang Weidung, Nguyen Van Quang, Nguyen Nhur Quyynh
Writer(s): Dai Sijie, Nadine Perront
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