The Child Prodigy

The Child Prodigy Movie Poster

On the keyboard, the young hands fly rapidly and the melody rises. For the child, nothing is easier; he hears the sounds in his head. These hands belong to 6-year-old André Mathieu. He won his audiences and fired up concerts halls in London, New York, Paris and around the world. Adulated, hailed, praised, the child prodigy seemed to have everything to succeed.

From the top of his vertiginous successes, to depths of torment, the life of the "Little Canadian Mozart" blends into his music. A romantic and passionate composer wishing for happiness, his story is nevertheless played on tragic notes.

Director: Luc Dionne
Studio: Alliance Vivafilm
Cast: Patrick Drolet, Marc Labrèche, Macha Grenon, Lothaire Bluteau, Karine Vanasse, François Papineau, Benoît Brière, Isabel Richer, Catherine Trudeau, Mitsou Gélinas
Writer(s): Luc Dionne

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