The Center Of The World

The Center Of The World Movie Poster

Richard (Sarsgaard), a wealthy computer wiz and Flo (Parker), a stripper by night, are two people who live in isolation. One avoids the world entirely after the death of his father, while the other separates herself from her work.

After meeting in a coffee shop, Richard, who yearns for human connection, watches her perform and asks her to accompany him to Las Vegas. With an offer of $10,000 for her company, Flo accepts, setting certain rules.

But as her rules are broken, the desire that brought the two together will ultimately threaten to keep them apart.

Director: Wayne Wang
Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Producer(s): Peter Newman, Wayne Wang
Cast: Carla Gugino, Shirley Knight, Molly Parker, Balthazar Getty, Peter Sarsgaard, Shane Edelman
Writer(s): Ellen Benjamin Wong
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