The Butterfly

The Butterfly Movie Poster
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1h 25m | Comedy, Drama

A widower’s quiet life is disturbed when a nine-year-old girl named Elsa moves in to the top floor of the home where he lives. Lonely and neglected, the little girl makes friends with the man and discovers his impressive collection of butterflies. When she finds that he is going to find a rare butterfly species, she hides in his car so she can go with him.

The old man protests her presence at first, but finally gives in, as he has begun to think of her as a granddaughter. However, her mother gets concerned by her absence and calls the police to tell them her daughter has gone missing.

Director: Philippe Muyl
Studio: Canal+
Producer(s): Patrick Godeau
Cast: Michel Serrault, Claire Bouanich, Nade Dieu, Françoise Michaud, Hélène Hily, Pierre Poirot
Writer(s): Philippe Muyl

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