The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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User review rating: 0 August 02, 2017

BOO that was the sadest movie ever

User review rating: 5 September 03, 2012

this is a fantastic film. the acting is superb, especially butterfield's portrayal of bruno, who plays an eight-year-old boy with just the right amount of innocence. the cinematography is also great. most of the atrocities happen off-screen, since we see the story through bruno's eyes, but this does nothing to lessen the impact on the audience, who know exactly what is going on. (if the viewer cannot deduce what is going on, they are probably too young to see this movie). as many have noted, the plot is not realistic. to some, the plot may seem very contrived. however, unlike holocaust films such as schindler's list, this film doesn't aim for realism. the movie is highly symbolic, almost

User review rating: 0 March 23, 2009

while holocaust films do not tend to be a laugh out loud riot, this one was particularily depressing. what was the point of it all? disappointed with this film ending.

User review rating: 0 January 30, 2009

incredably depressing, but excellent actors and powerful plot. Everyone in the theatre was stunned into absolute silence for many minutes after it was over. Highly recomended, unless you don't like depressing themes. 5 stars

User review rating: 0 January 11, 2009

An excellent movie with Action,Suspense,Comedy,Great acting, and good music.You will be cheering for this slumdog for sure. Will definetly be a nominee for best picture at the awards this year for sure. Movies like this dont come out very often so when they do GO SEE IT!!!!!

User review rating: 0 December 28, 2008

Having read the book, even better than expected.

User review rating: 0 December 28, 2008


User review rating: 0 December 22, 2008

Excellent movie -

User review rating: 0 December 16, 2008

This movie was amazing and should be seen by everyone.

User review rating: 0 December 09, 2008

Well done. Truly a story for everyone to see. A must see movie!

User review rating: 0 December 06, 2008


User review rating: 0 November 24, 2008

This movie is incredible. It moved me and every other person in the theatre.

User review rating: 0 November 23, 2008

The dead siclence of 150 people 4 min into the end credits pretty much says it all. Go and see this film NOW!

User review rating: 0 November 23, 2008

A very thoughtful film, making us remember the importance of not foegetting. The story line & acting very good..... But do we really need to sit through 15 minutes of commercials before the movie & then another ten when the movie started.. I know we are a captured audience, but that is an insult.

User review rating: 0 November 23, 2008

An incredibly touching and heartwrenching story...Bring your tissues, for sure. I knew it was going to be a thoughtful story, but was surprised by how deeply it hit. You can't help but fall in love with the innocence of the boys, and that's why the ending probably was even more intense. My advice? Make sure you don't miss the quote that is shown at the very beginning of the movie...It's a key theme, and I kept remembering it throughout the movie which made me appreciate the message even MORE....An incredible movie... Jane, Toronto

User review rating: 0 November 21, 2008

My husband and I really liked the movie very very much. It was hard to watch but very worth while seeing ....go see it and go se Pashiondale also two good movies AT LAST....

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