The Boat Race

The Boat Race Movie Poster

Alexander, 15, returns to rowing two months after he dropped out of training for the Belgian championships. Without revealing to anyone the reason for his absence—Thierry, his abusive, alcoholic father, stabbed him in the thigh with a knife—the sullen and withdrawn teenager tries to regain his place on the team. The only way to achieve this is to convince his coach Sergi that he's a better athlete than Pablo, his replacement. Meanwhile, at home, Alexander continues to battle with his father, who makes him take a job in the warehouse where he works. But when the boss shows a preference for Alex, it creates even more tension between the two.

Director: Bernard Bellefroid
Studio: Axia Films
Producer(s): Claude Waringo, Patrick Quinet
Cast: Joffrey Verbruggen, Thierry Hancisse, Sergi López, Pénélope Leveque, David Murgia
Writer(s): Bernard Bellefroid, David Lambert

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