The Benefactor

Just as Olivia (Dakota Fanning) is heading off to college, her parents die in a car crash. Her father's best friend, wealthy philanthropist Franny (Richard Gere), who was also in the car at the time, was the sole survivor.

After college, Olivia is married and expecting a baby when she calls Franny out of the blue. She doesn't realize Franny is carrying a heavy burden of guilt and is barely functioning. When he hears from her, he tries to get himself together and welcomes Olivia and her husband, Luke (Theo James) with open arms. But his overwhelming generosity raises questions.

Director: Andrew Renzi
Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Producer(s): Jason Michael Berman, Jay Schuminksy, Kevin Turen, Thomas B. Fore
Cast: Richard Gere, Dakota Fanning, Theo James, Clarke Peters, Cheryl Hines, Dylan Baker
Writer(s): Andrew Renzi

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