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User review rating: 1 March 05, 2022

Sunk by the most embarrassing suit ever.

User review rating: 4 March 05, 2022

It had a very complex story line which would be hard to understand at times for the average joe but me being a big Batman fan with the comics it really came to life. The action scenes where huge and the lesser scenes kept you guessing. Overall I highly recommend for huge Batman fans but if you’re more into action just know that there is less action in this one compared to the dark night trilogy etc.

User review rating: 1 March 04, 2022

I was expecting a action/adventure super hero movie….. this was a disappointment

User review rating: 5 March 04, 2022

very sexy

User review rating: 5 March 04, 2022

Good story, good acting, good plot. No blue sky-beams or gruff voicing. Batman

User review rating: 5 March 04, 2022

I was not expecting to like Pattinsons version of Batman, but he was right. He did not need to get super bulked up for the role as the movie explores the very beginnings of the Batman character. I really enjoyed the movie and while the pacing lagged a little during the middle of the movie, the payoff at the end is well worth the wait. I just hope that Pattinson can continue to develop Batman the way this movie showed him doing.

User review rating: 5 March 04, 2022

Pattinson is a great Batman! The movie was the perfect start to a new era of Batman.

User review rating: 2 March 04, 2022

Didn't feel very Batman about this movie. There is more to Batman than just the suit. He wasn't very smart, or very heroic. The whole show seems to build up to almost nothing very interesting. There's not much fun in this show. Do not bring little children to see this because one, it's too violent with serial killer vibes, and two, kids will be bored with the long slow build up.

User review rating: 5 March 04, 2022

This is what DC should be doing with their films. Formula cinema has ruined the comic book industry.

User review rating: 2 March 04, 2022

Neither a rebirth or the unmitigated disaster many had been expecting, The Batman provides many of the established tropes fans of the series have come to rely on: a dank and dreary city overrun with crime and corporate greed, a trio of memorably despicable villains, and lots and lots of gadgetry. So what -- if anything -- does it offer that's new, and the answer to that is The Batman himself. As portrayed by Twilight's Robert Pattinson, what we get unfortunately is an uncharacteristically petulant Caped Crusader -- a vacuous, hopelessly immature and superficial young rich kid, always cracking wise while treating everyone around him like garbage. Evidently he thinks he's better than everyone else (even Alfred!), which makes it all-too-easy to empathize with the bad guys for most of the film's three-hour, overextended runtime. The verdict: Bat fans deserve better. ** / *****

User review rating: 5 March 03, 2022

People on here are trolling or can't enjoy a great movie this is.

User review rating: 3 March 03, 2022

The movie is a darker version of Batman. The bad guys are more down to earth not so flashy. The movie was more of a thriller to me than an action movie trying to piece all the parts of the puzzle. It was an OK movie to watch not great....True the trailer does give away all the juicy parts of the movie mostly. The moron that thinks this is the greatest Batman ever made obviously has not seen the others as I like the other Batman better.

User review rating: 1 March 03, 2022

I hate it when they put all the best bits in the trailer.

User review rating: 5 March 02, 2022

I don't know what these ignorant people are talking about this movie is a masterpiece

User review rating: 2 March 01, 2022

Once again the villains steal the show. It's all perfectly innocuous -- and unnecessary.

User review rating: 5 February 21, 2022

I liked it

User review rating: 4 February 21, 2022

After the dour seriousness and relentless doom and gloom of the Snyderverse it was clear the franchise needed to lighten up, and so we have "The Batman," the latest attempt to redefine the Batman mythos for a new generation. Unlike previous incarnations, the villains are believably disturbing, heartless, and cruel, while in an interesting twist, it is the Batman who exhibits an infectious joie de vivre, still very much the hero but happy to deliver the lion's share of the film's laughs. I give THE BATMAN a solid four out of five stars.

User review rating: 3 February 17, 2022

I like all the "Batman Forever" callbacks in the trailer. Hopefully the new film is a worthy successor.

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