The Basket

The Basket Movie Poster

In the Pacific Northwest, a community raises its children and wheat, while the nation is reeling from World War I. While a new schoolteacher (Coyote) introduces the game of basketball to his students, two young German refugees in his class are ridiculed for their nationality. A mother (Allen) is torn to find her eldest son returning to the war, and younger son falling in love with one of the German refugees. Can the game of basketball tear down the walls of hate and fear in this small community?

Director: Rich Cowan
Studio: North by Northwest Entertainment
Producer(s): Rich Cowan
Cast: Karen Allen, Peter Coyote, Robert Karl Burke, Amber Willenborg, Jock MacDonald
Writer(s): Don Caron, Rich Cowan, Frank Swoboda, Tessa Swoboda
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