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2.75 / 5

User rating: 2.75

Based on 16 votes and 8 reviews

  • User rating: 2.75 12.50%
  • User rating: 2.75 37.50%
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  • User rating: 2.75 12.50%
  • User rating: 2.75 37.50%

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User review rating: 4 July 31, 2019

Great movie!

User review rating: 2 July 29, 2019

Sick humor not funny.

User review rating: 1 July 29, 2019

i thought it was gonna be a comedy and it turned out very dark. in fact....IT SUCKED

User review rating: 1 July 27, 2019

Low budget and poor acting. No redeeming qualities. Wouldn’t recommend. Agree with previous comments.

User review rating: 1 July 26, 2019

Worst movie I have ever seen - not just dark, evil - not too many funny scenes, mostly just sick!

User review rating: 4 July 19, 2019

A great movie to laugh, silly plot but this dark comedy, sci fi you do not want to miss!! Fun times could be held for all take a chance and see THE ART OF SELF DEFENCE

User review rating: 5 July 18, 2019

I saw this on Monday at an early promotional screening set up by the film company, and it is hilarious. I understand all of the positive reviews that have been coming in for this film. It is definitely a dark comedy and I recommend seeing this in a theatre with friends and fellow theatre goers as it will be an even better experience than waiting to watch at home. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say that men and women laughed in equal measure at the absurd notions in this movie. The deadpan delivery of some of these lines is classic. No idea how they didn't break out laughing often (maybe they did!) while filming. If you are tired of reboots and sequels and want something fresh and unique - and funny as hell - go and see this film and help it spread to additional theatres across Canada.

User review rating: 4 July 18, 2019

Excellent movie, very entertaining. Up front humor with just enough of a dark side to make it different. highly recommend.

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