The Acrobat

The Acrobat Movie Poster

Christophe, a middle-aged businessman whose mother is dying, moves into a Montreal condo. There, he meets Micha, a Russian acrobat recovering from a horrific leg injury, who’s looking for a place to rent, but because he can’t work, he’s struggling to find a place to stay. Instantly attracted to each other, the two men embark on a torrid affair. Between games of domination and moments of ecstasy, each will feed the needs of the other.

Director: Rodrigue Jean
Studio: Fragments Distrbution
Producer(s): Maxime Bernard
Cast: Sébastien Ricard, Yury Paulau, Lise Roy, Victor Fomine, Chloé Germentier, Nadine Jean
Writer(s): Rodrigue Jean

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