The 48-Hour Music Festival Movie

The 48-Hour Music Festival Movie Movie Poster

The first annual 48 Hour Music Festival is an event showcasing 30 of the finest local musicians Portland has to offer. The players are removed from their usual bands and randomly re-assembled into 5 new supergroups without concern for style or instrumentation.

Their challenge is to overcome these obstacles and write a 25 minute set of original material within a 48-hour time frame, and finally perform on the third day, Saturday Feb 21st. This festival will feature an array of strictly local musical talent, some of their names well known, and others not so much yet.

The groups will be drawn from a hat, and announced by SPACE Gallery the first day of the event. A balance of good teamwork (and a couple of sleepless nights) is expected of the newly united groups to meet the set deadline, and finally make their debut performance at SPACE for what could be the strangest night of music ever performed there.

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